Shoot Me Darling

it’s 9 o’clock and you’re half past late
making me uneasy I can’t concentrate
I’m sitting here and the fire is burning out
You really are the person I can’t live without

You’re my girl, my girl only
If you left me I’d be very lonely
I’m angry sometimes
and I’d hurt you too
but I love you so much there’s nothing I can do

You’re late again and I’m getting suspicious
If you’re with another man I’m going to be vicious
I’m a mean man, I can’t control my temper
If you let me off, no one is going to help you

I hear a knock knock, and I better hear the truth
You’ve really got some explaining to do
Then you say “Hey honey, I was with another man”
I go over and I hit her as hard as I can
and think “How could she?, What did I ever do?”
She says “I’ve been seeing him since I first met you”
I said “How could you? I thought you were the one!”
She says “You hit me so much, I’m gonna shoot you with this gun”
I said “don’t shoot, shoot me darling”

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