Colours In The Dark

You gave me a warning, when you gave me your light
You said only if you pick it up and pour into your eyes
I used to swallow the darkness with my palms against my face
And squeeze so tight I would start seeing shapes

What do they know about my god?
They told me about theirs at school
I’ve seen colours in the dark, so I must play my part
Can you see colour in the darkness too?

Meanwhile I’m seeing green, watching them chew their sleeves
Bruises on their knuckles, from chestnut trees
What did they think we knew? We had shit on our indoor shoes,
We don’t have a clue, who we’re praying to

When your light didn’t come up from my bedroom window
I blamed the season which blackberries grow
Then it was September, Then you weren’t there
Drawn with an arrow to a place of despair

I was in a hurry, to share all my stories
Of when teachers were preaching and I wasn’t worried
I swallowed the darkness with my palms over my eyes
And squeezed it so tight I start seeing lights

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