When do I stop feeling tired
To open my eyes to a state required
To see those half smiles smiling my way
Oh my, fake reply, you’re the apple of my eye
but the apples seemed to rot from the very core

When do I stop feeling shallow
Is everyone really this straight and narrow?
I’m jumping of this boat let’s get off together
Oh no, I’m going down, please someone make a sound
Let’s just sink to the ground and float on okay
But that seems like something I cared for
But it all seems like something I’ve seen before
Is there some kind of reason I’m scared or?
Am I lost?

Why do you look oh so bitter?
Can I cut your hair with a zig-zag scissors?
Let’s walk the cat around the park tomorrow
Let the forces of the maps and the way you point you hat
take us out to the ocean where there’s no way back

You got your eyes from your mother’s side
The mouth you got when the radio died

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